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Customization & Special Orders

Would you rather the card say "Happy Birthday" instead of "Thinking of You"? Or pink instead of blue....a wedding theme instead of Valentine's Day.....100 instead of 6? Welcome to the wonderful and accommodating world of handmade products!

All of the items you see here are completely customizable because they are handcrafted by me. In fact, I keep an extensve inventory of paper, inks and decorative trims on hand for this VERY purpose. Often small design adjustments can be accomplished to existing products at no additional cost to you. So, please feel free to share any thoughts you may have - I'd love to hear them!

I also encourage the diversity and creativity that my customers bring to the table - and I LOVE it when my customers approach me with their ideas. If you've seen something online or in a magazine, please feel free to forward it my way for a quote. I am always working on various paper products, some of which do not get posted to the store, so I am well equiped to tackle pretty much any project you throw my way!

Clients who are interested in buying my items in bulk please note that reduced prices are available on some of my items. Just contact me regarding the item, any customization and the quality you need - and I'll get back to you with a sample, quote and estimated delivery date.

Thank you for supporting small business and the handcraft industry!